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Trying to find appropriate and accessible workbooks or reference material has been a source of frustration in the past, which is what prompted us to write our own.

All of our workbooks are written for keyboard-only use. Where appropriate they include instructions for relevant Supernova functions, but the books can be used successfully with other access software.

All workbooks are available in standard print, large print, Braille, standard audio CD and DAISY CD. 

Where indicated, the workbooks have been written to match the eDCC criteria for that subject, so you can gain qualifications if desired. eDCC are unusual in that they offer a small number of  specific qualifications covering the skills visually impaired users need.

These workbooks are designed for use with Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003 and Supernova Version 7 onwards.

Available Workbooks

Before you start - This workbook is designed to help you get to know the keys you will need to get you started as you learn to work with your computer without a mouse.  It will also help you to ‘get to know’ your computer, its component parts and how to make your system easier for you to use with magnification or a screen reader. Price £7.50 + VAT

Magnification Controls (eDCC) - This workbook is designed to help you to set up your magnification to suit your individual needs.  Follow the directions and you can change the colours you see on the screen, the size of the text and icons and whether you use the full screen or a lens magnification. There are also shortcut keys for commands to make it easy for you to change settings while you are working as well as guides to navigation. Price £7.50 + VAT

Screen Reader Controls (eDCC) - This workbook is designed to help you to set up your screen reader to suit your individual needs.  Follow the directions and you can change the voices, how much is spoken, punctuation levels, colour and font changes and more. Price £7.50 + VAT

Using Disks - This workbook is designed to show you how to make use of files on disks and help you work with ‘electronic’ workbooks. Price £7.50 + VAT

Basic Word Processing (eDCC) - This workbook will start you off using Microsoft Word to create and change documents. You will learn how to change the appearance of text and how to create headings and other styles to make your documents more readable. The workbook also includes common short cuts and these will help you as you get more confident with what you are doing. Price £7.50 + VAT

Practice Exercises - Further exercises to practice your word processing skills. Price £7.50 + VAT

Useful Shortcuts - Shortcut key commands for Word and Windows XP. Price £7.50 + VAT

Using Menus - Using a computer with magnification or a screen reader needs different techniques from those for mouse users.  You will need to learn how to use the Microsoft menu systems and how to use all the different kinds of boxes you will be presented with. This workbook will help you through the ‘maze’. Price £7.50 + VAT

File management (eDCC) - This workbook will help you to manage your files and folders and keep your data tidy.  It will help you to organise where you put things on your computer so you can easily find them again! Price £7.50 + VAT

Using Cicero - Our guide to using Dolphin Cicero. Price £7.50 + VAT

Starter Pack - 10 workbooks - Before you start, Screen Reader, Magnification, Using Disks, Word Processing, Practice Exercises, Useful Shortcuts, Menus, File Management, Using Cicero. Price £65.00 + VAT

Email (eDCC) - This workbook will guide you through using email, using Outlook Express. You will learn how to open your email program, send and receive emails and also manage addresses, reply to messages and more. Price £35.00 + VAT

Web Browsing (eDCC) - This workbook aims to guide you through the skills you will need to become a competent Internet user, allowing you to browse for information, shop and even bank online. Price £35.00 + VAT

Prices are correct for any format excluding Braille. Please contact us for Braille prices, VAT exemption declaration forms or if you need any further information.



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